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The mission of the Phoenix Deaf Women Organization is to promote education, advocacy, empowerment, and networking within the diverse community of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Women in the metropolitan area of Phoenix.

PDWO Board

Kathy Prokopek


Rebecca Redos

Vice Chair

Amie Schimdt

Recording Chair

Lisa Goetz

Events Chair

Helen Haberkorn

Special Projects Chair

Tara Giambalvo

Outreach Chair

Financial Chair


Proudly Partners with

Founded in 1985, Deaf Women United (DWU) is a national organization that is dedicated to serving Deaf women by providing resources that connect these women to empowerment of self and others through advocacy, education, and outreach. Deaf communities are spread out, making it even more crucial to develop opportunities for networking where information can be exchanged. Ultimately, these opportunities will enhance the quality of all Deaf women’s lives.

Deaf Women United aspires to be a significant contributor to the community of Deaf women from all walks of life and this is accomplished by recognizing, valuing, and embracing their additional identities. You can take a part in accomplishing the goal of empowering Deaf women with us. We offer numerous ways of getting involved. Explore our features and get in touch at www.dwu.org.

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Reach out by e-mail to: info@phoenixdeafwomen.org 

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1545 W Osborn Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85015 

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